Exclusive week-end trip «Ancient Suzdal. Tasting and sightseeing»
June 9-11th, June 18-20th

Meeting point: Shchelkovskaya metro station

Contacts — phone: +7 (999) 8505825 Eugenia, WhatsApp. Call or wright us and we’ll answer with pleasure all your questions!

Hello! My name is Evgeniya and I’m the organizer of the trip «Ancient Suzdal. Tasting and sightseeing»

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I positively fell in love with this town many years ago. I fell in love with its leisurely pace of living, provincial charm and beautiful architecture.

Imagine — only 180 km from Moscow in car to find yourself in a place so rich with history: centuries-old churches, original restaurants of Russian cuisine, interesting museums and very hospitable people.

During our 3-days trip we will

  • Taste artisan cheeses, produced in a local private creamery
  • Taste several types of Suzdal medovukha (mead), a traditional Russian alcoholic drink made out of honey
  • Taste several types of Suzdal medovukha (mead), a traditional Russian alcoholic drink made out of honey
  • Dine in original restaurants providing Russian cuisine
  • Buy branded fresh pryaniks (honey-bread) to treat ourselves and as a present
  • Walk around the old center of Suzdal and buy souvenirs
  • Take a break of busy city life, relieve stress, and relax

Comfort is the main principal of all our trips, so:

  • our journey Moscow-Suzdal-Moscow is made in a comfortable minivan
  • groups are small, of 5-8 people
  • we stay in the best hotels
  • English speaking group assistant is provided

In the very center of Suzdal there are the Trading Arcades, old shopping stalls where the local old ladies sell their handmade products. Without fail, we will go there and you can buy:

— medovukha (mead), a traditional Russian alcoholic drink made out of honey. There is medovukha with raspberry, ginger, hop, sea-buckthorn, cherry, pepper, spices, and so on… to meet every taste;

— sbiten, a non-alcoholic traditional drink made out of honey. You can choose from various blends: with berries, Siberian and meadow herbs, or spices;

— homemade jam made by the local old ladies: raspberry, cherry, apple, cranberry, and many others;

— candies and sweets produced at the local confectionery plant;

— homemade pickles: cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cabbage;

— delicious homemade pies;

— ceramic tableware with traditional Russian patterns;

— original patchwork: artist toys, blankets, cushions, and rugs;

— valenki (felt boots) made in an ancient way and decorated with traditional embroidery.

Throughout our 3-day trip, I will accompany the group in order to help with the solution of possible problems, to advise the most interesting shops and restaurants in the town, and to make the trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible for you.

We always make small groups (5-8 people) for our trips, so that me, the guide, and the presenters of workshops can pay most attention to each participant.

It is very important for me that during the trip you can relax, escape from problems, enjoy new impressions and communication, plunge in the atmosphere of antiquity.



We are meeting at Shchelkovskaya metro station at 9:00, then getting on a comfortable Volksvagen Caravelle minivan and setting off towards an adventure. The journey will take about 3 hours.

On the way, we will stop in the small town of Pokrov and buy some fresh Pokrov pryaniks (honey-bread) in the manufacturer’s shop.

Upon arrival in Suzdal, we are checking into a hotel in the historic center, having a small rest and then we are going to have lunch at one of the local restaurants nearby.

Our hotel

The hotel in which we will live is located by the Kamenka River, a 10-minute walk from the historic town center. The hotel will surprise you with high quality standards, traditional Russian cuisine and hospitality of the staff. We guarantee that even the most demanding guest will be satisfied with the comfort, cleanness and equipment of the rooms. The view from the hotel is amazing: on the river Kamenka and two Suzdal monasteries, Alexandrovsky (Alexander’s), Spaso-Efimievsky (Saint Euthymius), and Pokrovsky (Intercession) convent.

The beautiful panoramic views of the monasteries, convents, river and meadows are breathtaking!

Breakfast is included in the price.

The hotel’s interior is designed in a classic style, all rooms are provided with a toilet and a bathroom, flat-screen TV, a hairdryer, free toiletries, slippers, air conditioning, a mosquito net and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel has a special atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. Here everyone is a welcome guest who will be received with particular attention and care.

You can also take in your pets.

On request, we will send you a photo of the hotel and rooms.

After lunch, we will walk a little along the old streets of the town and drop into the souvenir shops, where you will find traditional handicrafts in all their beauty: embroidered valenki (felt boots), birch bark products, ceramic tableware, patchwork blankets and much more.

Then we will taste artisan cheeses and homemade medovukha (mead) in a characteristic restaurant, where we will meet Vladimir, cheese maker in many generations.

In a cozy tasting room, we will taste different types of cheeses, from soft ricotta to caciotta, all made by Vladimir himself. He will tell us the secrets of making gouda, gruyere, edam, ricotta, mozzarella and cheeses with additives — spices, garlic, dill and fenugreek.

Along with cheeses, we will also taste several types of Suzdal medovukha (mead) prepared according to a traditional old recipe. Medovukha with raspberry, ginger, hop, sea-buckthorn, cherry, pepper, spices, and so on… to meet every taste.

After the tasting, you will be able to buy your favorite cheeses, fresh butter, sour cream, homemade jam, herbal teas, balsams and teas, pryaniki (honey-bread) and medovukha (mead)!

Then we will have dinner with tasting homemade nastoykas (Russian traditional liqueurs). We will try ones with cranberry, raspberry, horseradish, honey, cucumber.

After we will return to the hotel to pass the night.

breakfast at the hotel and artistic workshop “painting of matryoshka doll”

Matryoshka doll (from Russian name Matryona, or Matryosha) is the most popular Russian souvenir. Traditionally, it is painted as a Russian girl in sarafan with a scarf covering the head.

During the workshop, a professional artist from Suzdal will teach you to paint a wooden matryoshka, then everyone will paint the own matryoshka and take it away.

Next, we will have lunch in a restaurant with a panoramic view of the town center. Delicious Russian cuisine, excellent service and stunning interior are waiting for us.

After lunch, we are meeting a guide, who will walk us through the main sights of Suzdal. We will see the most beautiful monasteries, convents, ancient ramparts, charming panoramic views and old streets. You will hear the legend about the local hero strongman Suzdalets, find out how the local craftswomen decorated their clothes and how it is connected with the Kamenka River, and hear old tales as well.

We will admire the architectural ensemble of the Kremlin, learn the history of this ancient place, see the Nikolsky (Saint Nicholas) church, which is associated with interesting popular beliefs, and the Rizopolozhensky (Deposition-of-the-robe) convent, where you will find out the chronicles of his rescue during the Tatar-Mongol invasion. If desired, we will climb one of the Suzdal bell towers, from where you will see a magnificent view of the entire town.

Legends, secrets and life of the town During the excursion you will understand that every place in Suzdal is associated with ancient legends and tales. You will learn the extraordinary secrets of the most mysterious convent – Pokrovsky (Intercession), were the Russian tsars sent in exile their wives who had bored them.

Then you will see the Kamenka River and hear about its legends from the panoramic viewpoint. Moreover, our guide will tell the ancient legends about the town of Suzdal.

On the Market Square you will find out what caused the quarrels between the locals. And of course, we will get to the viewpoint from where you will admire the domes of two monasteries — Alexandrovsky, Spaso-Euthymius and two convents — the Rizopolozhensky, and the Pokrovsky.

At the end of the day we will have dinner and return to the hotel to pass the night.

breakfast at the hotel. journey in a horse carriage (optional). return to moscow

We are having breakfast at the hotel.

Then we will go to the town center, where we will take a walk, buy souvenirs and once again admire the views of ancient Suzdal.

At about 12-13 pm, after breakfast and a walk, if you would like it, you can have a journey in a horse carriage.

Next, we are having lunch and leaving back to Moscow immediately after it, so as not to waste much time on the road and avoid traffic jams.



  • Staying in a double (twin) room with all conveniences in one of the best hotels in Suzdal (single staying is possible with extra charge of 2,350 rubles)
  • Breakfasts
  • Transfer Moscow-Suzdal-Moscow
  • Tasting of cheeses
  • Tasting of medovukha
  • Tasting of nalivkas
  • Matryoshka doll painting workshop


  • Lunches and dinners
  • Journey in a horse carriage

Contacts — phone: +7 (999) 8505825 Eugenia, WhatsApp. Call or wright us and we’ll answer with pleasure all your questions!